A trip for 3 projects

Want to reconnect with yourself … to get out of a brain mode stimulated by social networks … to no longer be invaded by stress … to take a beneficial break to relax and see nature differently. So this trip is for you.

The Maasais live the moment in a natural environment. They are in constant connection with their senses, listening to the nature that surrounds them. Community bonds are for them a guarantee of wealth, protection, mutual aid and human warmth. Their link to the ancestors is very strong and remains present in their everyday lives.

During this trip to Maasai Land, you will discover three worlds.

The first is at Maasai Mara,a site where wildlife is preserved. Giraffes, wildebeest, gazelles, baboons, elephants, ostriches … You will also see how the Maasais live in their traditional homes, always accompanied by their herds. You can share a tea with the maasais and enter the houses made of earth and cow dung. These small houses in which a fire burns are very well insulated. You will be able to bring back beautiful necklaces of pearls and other adornments of which the maasais are the experts. You will live a unique experience in a cave where the Maasais will share with you one of their ceremony.

The second place is the sacred forest “Naimina Enkiyio” located in the mountains of Loita. The Maasais are an animist people. They believe in the existence of spirits of nature and ancestors. Their God Enkai is present in the sky, the trees, the stones and all that lives. They offer us an immense privilege: to share their knowledge of medicinal plants and to meet their sacred trees …

In the exploration of this particular forest, its fauna and its flora as well as its inhabitants we will be accompanied and guided by Morans . They are the Maasai warriors. In this traditional society, young people go through a series of initiations that gives them a place in the community and allows them to test their bravery. For a period of one to ten years, young people gather in small groups to survey the wilderness and learn to live independently and in harmony with nature, relying only on their strengths and the cohesion of their group. These nature experts will ensure our safety and allow us to discover their universe. A unique privilege.

Our hikes to their side will lead us to discover cascades, views of the surrounding countries, majestic trees and wild animals and we will also learn how to light a fire without match or lighter.

The third place is Camp Olkoroi, located in the heart of the Maasai community. Featuring large tents with beds, tables and bathrooms, the place has the advantage of a small waterfall with hot spring. Accustomed to the presence of man, gazelles, zebras and sometimes elephants graze not far. You can visit the maasai market, go for long walks, and watch wild animals at night with infra-red cameras. It is a place where calm promotes introspection. Ideal to finish the trip to the forest before returning to Maasai Mara.
What would be a trip to Kenya without a photo safari in one of its parks !!! The Maasai Mara National Park’ has among its tenants the famous ‘Big Five’ : the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the rhinoceros and the buffalo … and a multitude of other animals. Unforgettable time to end our stay together in Maasai country.
Let’s dare to come out of our known universe to live new experiences that will make us rediscover our senses, our perceptions and even another way of seeing life. Let’s find this wonder of child facing nature in its originality.
For an intense experience, the number of travelers is limited to ten participants. The cost of the trip (excluding airfare) includes all transport from the airport, breakfast, lunch and dinner, accommodation in a tent or hotel (see the program), travel expenses entrance to the park (70 Euros) and accompaniment by our guides in the discovery of the different sites. By participating in this trip, you contribute to fund the projects described below.
This trip is a reconnection to oneself. It is also a benefactor trip because it allows the 3 Olchani projects to exist.


The Forest


Discover your 2 new adventures immersed in the Maasai world!!!

Maasai Land Travel

October 21 to 31, 2019
11 days and 10 nights
1290 euros

Journey to the Sacred Land

In January for dates please contact us
12 days and 11 nights
EUR 1357

With and For the Maasai Community

(Price valid from 5 people – All Inclusive – Flights not included)

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